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Leadership Moves with Mallika Dutt

Jul 29, 2021

The rule of law is a necessary but insufficient condition for justice. From the war on drugs to mass protests, the rule of law has been used to both uplift and suppress human rights and social justice. Listen to this rich discussion with Vivian Newman as we explore the rule of law and movement building in Colombia, Latin America and the Global South. 


Vivian Newman is Executive Director of the Center for Law, Justice, and Society — Dejusticia. She specializes in public law and international aid for development. Vivian has worked in the public sector with the Colombian Inspector General’s Office, in the private sector, on international negotiations at Avianca SA and in the legal department of Bavaria SA. She has also led the coordination of the public law department at the Universidad Javeriana and taught administrative law.



This series is supported by the BUILD program of the Ford Foundation.


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