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Leadership Moves with Mallika Dutt

May 5, 2021

How do we build a large community of online donors from a small group of supporters? How can we get an online fundraising program off the ground? Emma Ruby-Sachs walks us through these efforts, providing tools to help power our campaigns and build community through online fundraising.

Emma Ruby-Sachs is a writer, lawyer and the Executive Director of SumOfUs, a global movement of over 18 million members worldwide. She previously was the Deputy Director at Avaaz, practiced constitutional appellate law and administrative law, and worked on issues of wrongful arrest and wrongful conviction in Canada.


This series is supported by the BUILD program of the Ford Foundation.

“Inter-Connected Theme” composed by Devadas,  (c) Mallika Dutt, LLC 2021. 

Production team: Mallika Dutt, Devadas Labrecque, Ambika Pressman.

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