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Leadership Moves with Mallika Dutt

Oct 30, 2020

How can we show up for ourselves and one another at work (even virtual)? How  do we weave nurturing and caring into the structure of our organizations and  movements? Virisila Buadromo and Tatiana Cordero Velázquez from Urgent Action Fund, Asia/Pacific and Latin America, share what’s needed to cultivate care at every level. 

The Urgent Action Fund is a cutting edge and transformative feminist fund that advances the rights of women and transgender human rights defenders in over 110 countries around the world, including areas affected by armed conflict, escalating violence, political volatility and extreme repression.



This series is supported by the BUILD program of the Ford Foundation.

Theme music from Mann ke Manjeeré: an album of women’s dreams,  (c) Breakthrough 2000.  Used with permission. 

Production team: Mallika Dutt, Devadas Labrecque, Ambika Pressman.

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